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“I have been taking Perfect Biotics From Probiotic America for almost a year now and I have never felt better. My IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is gone! Before trying out Perfect Biotics, I get the runs very often and it is always very uncomfortable. And I get stomach bloating and gas at the same time. My life was really topsy turvy as I have to run to the toilet every now and then, plus the gas problem makes it so embarrassing. Perfect Biotics change my life : )”  

~ Sonia Parker, Summersville WV

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Perfect Biotics From Probiotic America

Perfect Biotics is currently one of the industry-leading probiotic supplement with its high potency level of 30 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units), which is a unit of measure for probiotics. At 30 Billion CFU, it is among the top 3 probiotic supplements available on the market. Perfect Biotics also contains 15 probiotic strains in their supplements (See here for the actual probiotic ingredients), which is a proprietary blend developed by Dr Nelson.

This product by Probiotic America claims to be able to restore balance in your gut and to be able to solve your digestion problems like bloating, gas problems and indigestion. This is achieved by introduction of good bacteria from Perfect Biotics into your digestive tract to counter the bad bacteria that is present in our gut due to our modern diet; which consist of lots of sugars, fats and lots of artificial favorings and ingredients. Probiotic America claims that their product is developed to be better than many of their other off-the-shelf supplements by being able to survive through the acid and bile in our stomach to reach your digestive tract where all the good bacteria can do their work. This may seem to be a small improvement over other supplements but it ensures that more of the good bacteria gets to where you need it most.

Probiotic America is so confident of their latest product that they are giving a 90 Day Guarantee where you can try their products for 90days and return just the empty bottles if you are not happy with the results. So totally risk free. If it works, great! Order more! But if it does not give you the benefits they claimed, then return the empty bottles for a 100% money back (just click this link to see the 90 Day Guarantee).

How To Use Probiotics From Perfect Biotics?

Perfect Biotics is formulated as a daily supplement that will be simple to take. It is only one capsule per day. So you can take a capsule each morning together with your breakfast and water. Hot coffee together with your probiotics is not ok as the heat will kill many of the good probiotic strains. So we should stick to simple water when we take probiotic supplements. We can take our starbucks after we had our probiotics pill. That way the probiotics will be able to get to your gut effectively before you chug down your hot caffeine drink. A cold starbucks latte with your probiotics will be fine but many will probably argue with me otherwise.

Taking Perfect Biotics will help with your health by balancing the good and bad bacteria present in your system and it will also kill off the parasites that is currently in you. Therefore it will take some time for the probiotic strains to work in your body. You have to give it some time before the benefits manifest. However there is also a lot of research that suggests that toxins are released when the parasites die and for people who have been leading a unhealthy life of eating fast foods and whom smokes a lot, the released of toxins will cause a lot of discomfort. It can cause nausea, headaches, skin breakouts etc. It is only when the body system is cleared with the help of probiotics, will the individual start feeling healthier.

How To Buy?

Probiotic America sells their Perfect Biotics in 3 different packages.

1 Bottle – 30 Day Supply

3 Bottles – 90 Day Supply (Save 15%)

6 Bottles – 180 Day Supply (Save 21%)

Probiotic America offers free delivery. You should see your delivery within 3 to 5 days and they have a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. So if you are ever unsatisfied with their Perfect Biotics supplements or pills, you should immediately contact them at (866) 803-9895 and/or and send the bottles back to

Probiotic America, LLC.

21900 Burbank Blvd

Woodland Hills, CA 91367


How Does Perfect Biotics Compare To Other Probiotics Supplements?

In lab testing, Perfect Biotics compared very well among the probiotic supplements that are available on the market now. One of the highest potency amongst probiotic supplements is 50 Billion CFU but during lab testing, their viable bacteria label claim is lower than what was claim on the bottle; I shall not name the actual product that failed their CFU claims. It is important to note that the higher CFU numbers claimed does not always translate to effectiveness of usage for the customers. Lab tests as well as feedback from existing customers will help consumers to decide which to buy.

Perfect Biotics have a very favourable lab test results and they have a lot of positive consumer reviews of their probiotics supplements. At the moment of this writing, I am requesting the actual lab test report so that I can post it online for potential consumers to view. This would help consumers to gauge confidently what would work for them.

What Are Consumers Saying About Perfect Biotics From Probiotic America?

I am consolidating as many reviews about Perfect Biotics from customers as I can. If you are a actual customer of Perfect Biotics From Probiotic America, I hope you can either email me with your experience of using this product or you can just directly add to the comments below. I will pick one consumer, that have tried Perfect Biotics, and provided a honest review to be awarded with a 30 day supply of Perfect Biotics. Please send me your honest feedback and an email to get in touch with you.

Currently I have solicited 30 customers’ reviews about their product and most of the user experience seems to be favourable but there are some complains too. 83% have expressed positively while 10% are negative. 7% seems to be neutral from their feedback. And  about 87% will recommend to their friends and will also purchase the same product again while 13% says that they will try out other products or that they will not recommend to their friends.  The positive and negative experiences from actual customers who have tried out Perfect Biotics are listed as follows:

“Initially I was sceptical about the efficacy of Perfect Biotics but after ordering it and trying it for 30 days, I must say that I feel lighter and also I spend less time in the toilet. I used to have constipation issues but ever since I started to use the Perfect Biotics, I can feel that my gut feels cleaner.”

Gary Rome, Rollingwood TX

“This supplement indeed has worked for me. I have been suffering from belching and I have gas all the time. Even though I have IBS, this product work very well for me. After taking Perfect Biotics, I can feel that I have more energy daily. I will order again when my supply runs out. Go watch the video to understand this product more. I would recommend to my friends.”

Helmut Daele, Newton MS

“I have ordered this supplement for the fourth time and while I can feel that my body seems to react well, I am wondering whether it is due to me eating less meats or it is cos of this Perfect Biotics supplement. I will continue to monitor my body over a longer period but currently I am happy with the results. I will recommend to my friends after I have tried it for a year.”

Olivie Bonney, Concordia NJ

“I have heartburn all the time and when I was recommended the Perfect Biotics by a family doctor, I was not hopeful that this will help me at all. But after two weeks of taking this probiotic supplements daily, I do not have heartburns anymore. I can eat a relatively full meal and not feel the usual discomfort. I will recommend this to a friend as it has helped me.”

Jane Armando, Preston MD

“I order the 180 day supply which had a 21% discount because there is a 100% money back guarantee. However the order never came. I call the customer service and they found out that my order was sent to a wrong address. Although they refunded me in full, I will not be able to trust a company that can misplace orders. Sorry I will not recommend this to a friend.”

Edwin Girard, North Brentwood MD

“I have just ordered my second batch of Perfect Biotics and I am a happy customer : ). I have tried many different brands of probiotics off the shelf from my local pharmacy but I have felt that they do not really work for me. After reading an article about what is the best probiotics for women, I ordered Perfect Biotics and it worked for me and I feel so much healthier. So I will be recommending this to all my friends.”

Annemarie Underhill, Tanglewood Forest TX

“I have tried Perfect Biotics and I can feel that my stomach is flatter and less bloated. The gas problem seems to have gone away. Quite a good supplement. I would recommend it to my friends.”

Janja Welter, Hahnville LA

“I get UTI easily and I have been reading that probiotics can help with my problem. After trying out Perfect Biotics, I have not had a bout of UTI for the last 6 months. Probiotics is good for people like me who are afflicted easily with Urinary Tract Infections. I will recommend this to a friend.”

Katica Pan, Portsmouth OH

“I have started taking Perfect Biotics as a daily supplement to improve my general health and while I do feel good about taking it, the best benefit I can see is the weight loss that I have gotten in the last 3 months. I have lost 3 lbs since taking Perfect Biotics from Probiotic America and I feel much more energetic.”

Alissa Quinlan, Warrensburg NY

“Perfect Biotics does not work for me. I did not feel that I am healthier nor do I feel that it has helped with my gas problems. I think I will ask for a refund. I do not recommend this to my friends.”

Peter McNaughton, Wabbaseka AR

“It works! My gas problems are solved. I do not feel bloated after meals and I do not have embarrassing gas problems in the office. I used to have to walk out of the office due to flatulence but now I am much more efficient in the office. I will recommend this to my friends.”

James Papp, Stryker OH

“I feel the same after taking this probiotic supplement. I was recommended Perfect Biotics by a friend but it did not help me with my gas problems. However I think that it is a good supplement and I would still recommend to friends who are looking for a probiotic supplement”

Nancy Martell, Summersville WV

“I have always been having vaginal infections. My doctor called it Vaginitis or Bacterial Vaginosis which is caused by a overgrowth of bad bacteria in my vagina. I have researched extensively and read about what’s the best probiotics for women and I found Perfect Biotics being reviewed by a female blogger. I cannot remember the name of the blog now but after trying Perfect Biotics, my frequent vaginal infections does not occur as often. I will recommend this to friends.”

Donna Dircksens, East Providence RI

“I would like to relate my story. My husband calls me a health nut as I do a lot of juicing every weekend. But I have a weak gut and often I will experience loose bowels throughout the day when I juice. Last year it was so bad my husband had to send me to the hospital and I stayed in the ward for a week due to severe dehydration. The doctor warned me not to continue juicing anymore as it drains both the good and bad bacteria from my system. And that is why my body just eject everything I consumed. After 6 months of staying off juicing I returned to it again as I really believed that juicing can help to clean our body system which is often inundated with toxins from our daily diet and from the environment. However this time round, I supplement my juicing with Perfect Biotics which seems to work. The loose bowels does not happen anymore and I can juice without feeling dehydrated or weak. My body seems to absorb all the nutrients during my juicing regime and I feel much more energetic. This is a probiotic supplement that I will continue to use and I will recommend to my friends.”

Shanelle Sims, Webster Groves MO

“Yes I can feel that my body is healthier and cleaner after taking Perfect Biotics. It has help me with my lactose intolerance issues and now I can take milk and dairy products once again. I will recommend it to my friends.”

Caroline Traylor, Merriam KS

“I ordered Perfect Biotics about a month ago and I have been taking one capsule each day. My bloating has gotten worse ever since I have taken this supplement. I am not sure why but I will not be continuing. I will not recommend this to friends.”

Jane Underman, Washington VA

“Works for me! The Perfect Biotics supplement from Probiotic America has stop my gas problems and I have lost a few pounds since I started on the daily discipline of eating probiotics pills. I highly recommend this to all my friends.”

Beatrice Harman, Horsham PA

“This probiotic pills from Probiotic America is not a miracle pill as some may have made it out to be. But it works. You got to give it some time. I did not feel any better when I first started taking Perfect Biotics. But after a month, I started to feel that my stomach has less frequent aches due to overeating. By the way I do not eat a lot but I get full easily and sometimes this is irritating. I think as I age, my gut gets smaller and I feel discomfort when I eat. I am Asian and I derived a lot of joy from food so when I cannot eat as much as last time, I felt depressed. But now it seems that my digestion system is working like before and I can eat a simple full meal and not worry about having stomach pains. Give this supplement some time to be absorb into your system and it will work for you. I will recommend it to everyone.”

Xie Wei Xiong Amos, Lackawanna NY

“My gas problems has gotten worse after I started this probiotics last week. I gotten more bloated and I can feel discomfort especially after I eat. I have called and asked for a refund and they have asked me to send back the remaining bottles. Not recommending this.”

Fabian Winthrop, Telford PA

“I have been researching on this topic of probiotics supplement and what are the probiotics side effects. From what I have researched, probiotics will kill off parasites in the body and gut and return our body system back to a healthy state. Back in the process, these parasites released toxins when they die and these toxins can make us feel some discomfort and even make us sick. This is what I experienced as well. I felt nausea and also extra bloating when I started taking probiotics supplement and I wanted to stop eating them. But after reading the research about these side effects which are just a sign that my body has a lot of parasites, I persisted and after 2 months, i feel wonderful. Perfect Biotics has helped me solve my health issues and I think it probably prevented future problems as it killed off the parasites in my body. My skin is now clearer and when I press my gut, it is feels gentle to the touch and not rock hard and painful previously. This is my long experience using Perfect Biotics. I will recommend to my friends”

Harris Sewick, Claremont NH

“I am a regular user of Perfect Biotics. I have been ordering from them since early this year and I feel that the my general health is becoming better. I have been neglecting my health for many years due to a hectic work schedule and I do not eat properly. But after taking Perfect Biotics, I have started to have a renewed sense of energy and appetite. I will recommend this to my friends. In fact, all my office colleagues are now using Perfect Biotics due to my influence.”

James Reuter, Brighton NY

“I have been looking for probiotic pearls because I read about the health benefits of using probiotics. Then I found this Perfect Biotics and order a 90 day supply. I have found the probiotic pearls from Perfect Biotics to be very easy to consume and it is absorb easily. I feel that my digestion system is cleaner now and I do not have discomfort in my gut as often. I would recommend this to my friends and family.”

Phoebe Starr, Dothan AL

“I needed probiotics for children as I would like to share my probiotics supplement together with my kids. And Perfect Biotics is children friendly and benefits kids and their gut health too. I think probiotics works well for children. I can see that my kids are able to eat better and they have less embarrassing gas problems in school too. I would recommend this to friends.”

Advik Lanka, Harris Hill NY

“This is a solution that I needed. I am lactose intolerant and I cannot seem to hold down yoghurt. This probiotic pills from Perfect Biotics has helped me to have a better health and also a slimmer body shape. I recommend this to friends.”

Eimaan Farhat, Newport Hills WA

“I love this! I lost 10 lbs after taking Perfect Biotics. My boyfriend was worried that the weight loss could be unhealthy and made me see his family doctor. After the consultation, his doctor told me that I was perfectly healthy and that the weight loss is probably due to a better digestion system and bowel movement. He told me to continue to take my probiotics and to monitor my weight loss. I am a happy girl and I would recommend this to my friends.”

Susan Walker, Lansing KS

“I was looking for acidophilus pills when I found Perfect Biotics. There were so many positive reviews that I decided to give it a try. I feel good and clean; that is the word for it. Because I feel that my body is able to process food better and my skin is clear now. My acne is lessen and I do not feel bloating after eating. Definitely will recommend this.”

Samuel Acker, River Road NC

“It is a good probiotics supplement. I have been a customer for 6 months now and I can see the health benefits of using a good quality probiotics supplement. I lost 3 lbs and I wish I had started Perfect Biotics since young then I would not be so fat. I will recommend this to friends.”

Erina Jabour, Frankfort OH

“The benefits of taking a daily capsule of Perfect Biotics are obvious. My appetite has improved and I can eat the foods that I love and not worry about feeling uncomfortable afterwards. I started to go to the toilet regularly and I feel more energy each day. I will recommend this to my friends.”

Irvine Mangham, Brooksville MS

“I was going through a stressful period at work and I started to get skin allergies and vaginal infections. I think it was a combination of bad food choices and stress. I felt so unhealthy and decided to find a solution. Perfect Biotics seems to be a good supplement and after taking it for a month, my problems are gone and I will continue this daily regime of probiotics to maintain my health. I will recommend this to everyone.”

Sarah Lamech, St. Clairsville OH

“I have tried a few probiotics supplements and I have also tried many natural probiotics foods but it seems that I cannot keep to a proper routine of eating properly. So I decided to order Perfect Biotics after a recommendation from a colleague. The effects are good. I can feel that my digestive system is functioning normally and my general health is better now. The old feeling of stomach pain each day after dinner is gone. I will order Perfect Biotics again and I will recommend this to friends and family.”

Taylor Grayson, Socastee SC